Offline Video Form Analysis (All over the world)


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On-site Video Form Analysis

$59 Free per analysis

iStock_000079093683_Small_webYes, it is now Free! Come along for a quick run and a fitness test (roughly 1 hour) and I will analyse your standing, walking and running form by taking a video, plus measuring your maximum heart rate which is important for your further training.

Note: this cost will be credited to your account if you sign up for any training session.

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Group Classes

iStock_Original_Large_Web$120 $99 for every 6 sessions

  • Enjoy the group atmosphere and motivation
  • Form correction sessions tend to have up to 4 people (for more time per individual)
  • It is cost effective

Pay here for group classes

Note: The training plan at group classes may vary by demand but mormally it is meant to be two sessions per week, one for long run and one for speed training or strength training.

Private Classes

iStock_000076520319_web$80 $60 per Session (1 hr)

  • Dedicated training
  • More customised
  • Faster progress
  • Better cuing

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