Offline Video Form Analysis (All over the world)


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On-site Video Form Analysis

$59 Free per analysis

iStock_000079093683_Small_webYes, it is now Free! Come along for a quick run and a fitness test (roughly 1 hour) and I will analyse your standing, walking and running form by taking a video, plus measuring your maximum heart rate which is important for your further training.

Note: this cost will be credited to your account if you sign up for any training session.

Group Classes

iStock_Original_Large_Web$120 $99 for every 6 sessions

  • Enjoy the group atmosphere and motivation
  • Form correction sessions tend to have up to 4 people (for more time per individual)
  • It is cost effective

Pay here for group classes

Note: The training plan at group classes may vary by demand but mormally it is meant to be two sessions per week.

Private Classes

iStock_000076520319_web$80 $60 per Session (1 hr)

  • Dedicated training
  • More customised
  • Faster progress
  • Better cuing

Pay here for private classes