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Morning Shot of Metabolism Boost at Dee Why Beach!

Do you live at Dee Why or nearby? Would you like to get shaped up quickly while enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Dee Why beach early morning? Sign up today to get started any time you are ready and enjoy 4 extra weeks training for free!

Still not sure? how about one week free training to suss it out?

We do:

  • High intensity training
  • Strength training exercises
  • Boxing
  • and running

You can also check  your running form and technique with me:

The normal price is $99 for 6 outdoor sessions. You can have another 4 weeks on top of it for free as a part of your sign up package and you can use it ANYTIME.

For payment go here. It is on Persollo platform.

For contacts, email me on or text me on 0422-462-928, or fill out the following form to get started soon!

    Read this before buying running shoes

    Thanks for stopping by to read this. Sometimes I feel like I am standing in the middle of a crazy highway yelling at fast passing cars: “stop using fossil fuel, switch to solar!”

    What I am going to share with you here is exactly the story of sustainable energy versus unsustainable one resembled in the context of running.  We all know solar panels are expensive (it is quite an investment). We know hybrid cars like Toyota Prius or electric cars like Tesla’s are expensive, but they help building a better future. The benefits of using sustainable energy come in a long run, same as correct/efficient/sustainable running that I am discussing here.

    There is a different way of running that can save you a lot of energy while being at the most optimum form to avoid injuries. It is like learning a new dance move but scientifically removes physical pressure from your body to some good extent.

    It all starts with one simple fact: we do not have to generate energy for propulsion.  So how to move forward? Only fall like a timber tree and catch yourself at the end. Can you do it in form of a smooth and fast running? The answer is yes, and that is what I teach. If you want to know more, google “Pose Method of Running” or watch this:

    I observe outdoor recreational runners and usually find one runner per week running correctly – or very close to Pose – out of hundreds iterating the same ubiquitous inefficient technique: pushing off the ground + landing ahead of the body (usually landing on heels first).

    The shoe industry does something that looks divine in the first glance. They truly try to protect your feet. Putting aside the relatively small minimalist shoes production, the rest of the industry manufactures shoes that mainly:

    • Mitigate the harmful impact of landing ahead of the body
    • Help with effective push-off the ground

    I do not blame the shoe industry for not telling you how to run correctly and instead monetising what people prefer to do (would not you do that too if you could?! or what is wrong with you?!) What I am to blame is runners for naive thinking that running is their second nature persuming there is not much to learn.

    Our ancestor cavemen went through an experience since their childhood that we do not: they ran barefoot all the time, telling from the sensations (mostly pain) in the bottom of their feet how to tread to have the least impact to their body (lasting long chasing preys) while being able to run as fast as possible. 

    At our age, the situation is terrible. We learn walking and running in shoes. There are even shoes for new borns! Parents out of pure honest love for their toddlers buy shoes with elevated heels and arch support too. All of these deter us from naturally learning how to run efficiently. Well, we no longer run for survival but if you pick running seriously you better spend time to learn its basics properly to make the right choices including what type of shoes suit you.

    If you choose to learn Pose, prepare yourself to get humble, but trust me, your running will feel like flying once  you start running in Pose.

    Fill out this form to get in touch on this:

      2017-2018 Running Off-Season

      Running season in Sydney pretty much terminates with Sydney Running Festival and in this year it was held on 17 September. The next large race is SMH Half Marathon in May 2018.

      This means from now, September 2017, till May 2018 is the best time to look into your running technique. Most of recreational runners start with and mostly rely on shoes and methods of training for results whereas there is a missing step in this structure that by addressing it you can improve your mechanical efficiency by up to 50%.

      Watch this video. I can help you understand and practice this technique in a few sessions.

      3 x 1 hour private sessions, or 5 x 1 hour group sessions would cover all theories and drills.

      Private Sessions for total amount of $150. 

      Group Sessions for total amount of $75.

      Please also fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon.

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