Wondering how good your running form is? I claim to be the best place to check it for you. Why? Because I do it based on a method named Pose Method of Running.

We all think we know how to run, that is right, but not all of know how to run efficiently. By efficiently I mean to run the same distance with minimal energy consumed and less impact on the body… hang on, if someone do not run efficiently, does not it mean they consume more energy? and what is wrong about it? Do not they lose weight more quickly?! Well, yes, that is true, but I am not sure how long they last. Injury is what stops most of runners. The rate of injury amongst runner communities around the world is high. They are various studies done over years and they show various rates, some very high like 70%, and there is no low percentage.

What running in Pose helps you with are:

  • Running with lowest possible impact on your body to avoid injury as much as possible
  • Saving energy to run further distance, or faster, however you like to put the energy surplus into work

About the Session?

We discuss where to meet up for the session. You have your running gear on, I will record video of your running gait with my tablet and I will analyse it on the spot.

See if you find the analysis (and the guide lines of Pose method) plausible and go from there.

If interested in this free session please fill out the following form and I will be in touch soon.

    Hope to see you soon!