Pose Method ® of running

I am a Pose method running technique specialist. This technique is for everyone, so if you are a recreational runner, a racer, or even into other sports like soccer and rugby, you can enjoy the benefits of this technique.


Truman Reserver in Cromer 2099 (Map)

Private Classes

iStock_000076520319_web$60 per Session (45min)

  • Dedicated training
  • Faster progress
  • Variety of locations (To be Announced Soon)

Please fill out the form on the Signup page.

Group Classes

iStock_Original_Large_Web$90 for three sessions (45min each session)

  • There might be a waiting period to manage groups
  • Location varies, depends on where the students are located

Please fill out the form on the Signup page.

Pay here for group classes

Young runners program

I have been contemplating about some programs and this needs business partners to materialise the plan. If you are interested in a joint business partnership for this please do contact me.

Offline Video Form Analysis (All over the world)


Check it out here.

On-site Video Form Analysis

$59 Free per analysis

iStock_000079093683_Small_webYes, it is now Free! Contact me to meet up for a video form analysis.