As well as teaching efficient running technique I used to do high intensity training but going forward I would like to focus only on running technique which is an efficient one known as Pose method of running.

Running Technique

A lot of people think of running as their second nature, that is Ok, however running efficiently is a skill to learn. Many running enthusiasts skip this part and start training straight away. Once they realise there is more into running, they have already wired up their brain with inefficient techniques which takes some unlearning to rewire with the right techniques.

What I do, as a running coach, is to show you a technique that surprisingly takes less energy to move forward and it is Pose Method of Running.

Pose method consists of three elements: Pose – Fall – Pull and it accepts gravity as the primary force for forward movement instead of muscular effort. Sounds simple, takes fair bit of practice to adopt as your dominant way of running.

There are many scientific studies that back the effectiveness of this method, all published study and research articles can be found here.

This method incorporates natural features in our body for running to achieve highest possible efficiency. It is a holistic approach to running that comes with philosophy, science, and drills.


At the end of the day because you spend less energy for propulsion you will be left with higher reserve of energy to go faster and/or farther.

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