Progressive Running is not only for runners. If you are a big fan of high intensity training, like bootcamp style workouts, please step forward.

Regarding running in specific though, I can help with those who:

  • are new to running, or do not have a long history of running
  • or are long distance runners already and want to step up in their recreational career
  • or may want to change their running technique (forefoot striking, removing active push-off, etc)
  • or want to use running as a means of becoming or staying fit

If you are interested, drop me an email on to book you in for a 30min free evaluation and consultation session. You can also send me an enquiry on the Contact page.

For prices please check out the Pricing page.

Running Technique Correction

Here come those who

  • are new to running
  • have developed inefficient techniques and want to fix their form

The backbone of the running form correction is according to Pose Method of running.

Changing techniques is best to be done at off season, however some runners might be just a step away from perfecting their techniques so it might work for them during running season.

Training Towards Goals

Once your form and technique is sorted I can help you plan training sessions towards your goal.  
What I can offer for such runners could be any or all of these:

  • Interval training, tempo running, progressive running and other speed and threshold training as such
  • Specific and targeted strength training
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Regular group long distance running for better motivation and consistency at training

High Intensity Training

Love bootcamps? Enjoy boxing? Contact me to find you a spot.

Offline/Remote Training

After you finish training sessions with me, you may want to have a training plan to run on your own and be tracked by me offline. I will make you a custom training plan for your race goal with free online consultation and support  for $5 per week.