Did you know that our body realizes the benefits of an exercise within 8-12 days after the exercise? This fact simply means that our body receives a signal, a hint, about what our expectations are, and it grows towards the expectations. But does it mean we can perform exercises at any level of intensity expecting our body to evolve on the right track? I would say no, though the body moves somehow towards the hints. The reason is if it is not properly recovered from an exercise, we are risking our health and may face injuries, so we are not practically going on the right track.

We stress our body at training, this stress creates the hints, and two major parts in our body grow to meet the requirements:

  1. Muscles, tendons and other musculoskeletal tissues
  2. Nervous system

To my experience, most of people are after the first item, getting strong and building lean muscles. No doubt that is more or less the ultimate outcome in appearance, but most of us neglect or do not know about the second point on what role Nervous System plays here and how important it is.

By nervous system, am covering the wiring in our brain combined with the physical nerves going all the way down to the target muscle group and the penetration of the nerves into the area. In this picture, the more nerves grown into the target muscles, the better and stronger those muscles can contract as

Developing nervous system helps your strength a lot. It is a like a shortcut to hours of repeating the same activity to make a muscle or muscle group stronger. Do it right (aim for perfection) to get it faster. Regarding strength and its relation to nervous system,  here is my dear friend David Mace, who is a personal trainer specialized in Calisthenics with this post on strength: 12 Rules For Gaining Strength.


  • Stressing our body is the key to make it shape up but we have to make sure it would be able to catch up
  • If it cannot repair the muscle tears before the next wave of hints, we may end up injured.
  • The training program should allow our body developing in stages until the final goal is met. Kind of a safe approach with short-term milestones.
  • Then comes the importance of adopting perfect forms which results in better nervous system – can also be interpreted as coordination – that can command muscles in the best way to perform the desired activity right.